Got hit by a truck and now need parts.

Back in August I was hit from behind by explorer while making a left hand turn. The explorer decdied to pass me while I was turning. Maybe they thought the left turn hand signal from me and the guy behind me meant pass.

Anway I'm jonesing to ride again and need to find some parts. My local shop did the damage estimate and these top the list:

2005 WR450

Rear wheel

Sub Frame

Swing Arm

I'll keep my eyes open on the classifieds but please shoot me a PM or email if you are parting out.



any yamaha rim from 99 to 06 will fit, YZ/WR 2 stroke of 4 stroke, and any size. hubs are all the same. I run a 01 YZ250 rim on my 06 WR450 for a paddle tire.

I have for sale:

Front fender

Stock gas tank

Top triple Clamp

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