I picked up a old Honda 50 Z for my kids to learn on and it has some rust in the tank (metal). Any ideas how to derust the tank would be great. The frame also has some rust. Any ideas besides grinding it off? THANKS TO ALL DAN

Metal tanks can be a pain when they have sat for a couple of years. Most products do an acceptable job dissolving rust but you only end up with a thinner tank wall. :D I have used a three-part system that coats the inside of the tank and hardens to lock every little piece of rust

inplace. :) I believe it's called "kreem", just follow the directions and your good to go :D .

The Yamaha dealership has a combo rust remover and preotectant. It is a Yamaha part # and I used it in an old street bike I bought from wrecker.. You will not beleive how well this stuff works.. Follow the directions carefully and unless the rust is worn a hole in the tank it will pour out after treatment..

OK- I know it's MICKEY MOUSE, but it worked!!!! I had an old CT-1 (175) with rust in the tank. We took the tank off, washed it out thoroughly at the quarter car wash, put some water in it then emptied the spare bolt, nut and screw tray into it and shook it forever!!!!! Purged the water and never a problem!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark

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