Burbank Club

ATTN: San Fernando Valley residents. There is a small group of family oriented desert/off-road riders who are forming a Burbank based M/C club. The concept is that the club will meet once a month at a local restaurant and offer enthusiasts the opportunity to network, find riding partners, share and receive tech help, etc. We don't intend to be a racing club but that's not to say that some members might not want to start a racing arm. The initial goal of the club will be to organize a couple of group rides/events a year and provide an opportunity to make new friends and increased riding opportunities. The club will be sponsored by a local MX shop and members will receive discounts. Interested parties may contact me at casaguttry@earthlink.net


The concept works! Sounds like you have the makings of a great club.

My family and I belong to Training Wheels. We started the same way maybe 25-30 years ago. It is now a great club with 125 families doing monthly club enduros. If you want any advice on operations, feel free to visit any of our outings and discuss with some of our longtime members. They would be more than happy to shorten your learning curve. Check out our website at:


It takes quite a few people to run monthly outings, but you can start with just a few.


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