Xr650r Engine Seized...why Me. Help!!!

Ouch. What's the ballpark repair estimate?

Split the cases yesterday to determine damage to the bearings on the crank and counter balance shaft and found a little too much metal went through them to re-use. The oil pump was damaged too. I'm going all OEM on the gaskets, seals, brgs, oil pump and that is about $350.00 in parts. Decided last night to lighten the flywheel, and have it rebalanced. I'm doing most of my own work, so Im basicly only paying for parts. I'm also changing all the valves, springs, and cam, about $425.00. The piston and rod will be just about $400.00. This would make the total in parts at about $1200.00. I think this engine should pull 9500 rpm, and top 70 hp with a little quicker rev. I'll be cutting the 11:1 piston a little to drop compression to about 10.5:1 (hard to find race gas at the pump on my way home from work!). I honestly don't know how much it would cost for labor. I'll post up how it runs next week if all goes well!:applause:

I like your strategy on the rebuild: push it a little, but not too much. You should end up with an engine with very close to factory reliability (sans thrust washer issues!) And some good additional power.

Also I admire your willingness to tackle the work (the fun!) yourself.

Keep us posted as you go forward.

Best of success!

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