Help - Coolant leaking - Is this BAD??

I need some advice, when starting my blue beast (2000 model) I've noticed coolant on the floor on the right hand side. I removed the guard protecting the water pump & noticed a machined hole where the fluid is coming from, the hole is not on the water pump housing but on the next casing. Is this hole a pressure relief for the cooling system or has a seal gone/going I'm stumped, I thought I'd ask you guys first before trying to strip it. Also how tricky is it & whats the 'DO's' & 'DON'TS' whilst doing this any advices is greatly needed




i had the same problem too, when my bike idle at stand still for about 3 to 5 mins. so i change the water seals and fan shalf. but to didnt help , so i change the radiator cap from a 1.1 to a .9. all these only help to delay the leak. so i livin with that problem, long as i check to coolant resev. and try not to let it idle at stand still for too long.

The little hole is situated between the water and the oil side of the pump. When the 'water' side seal starts to leak, it leaks trough the hole, it is like an indicator. I changing the seal isn't enough you may have to change the pump axle. When water is leaking trough this hole, it's in contact with the oil-sided seal. Beware no water enters the engine oil.

Good luck

The weep hole allows the fluid to escape w/o forcing itself into the crankcase. The fix for this problem is not very complicated.

I had the same problem on my '98, which were known for leaking, and replaced both water and oil seals , and the impeller shaft with the'99 model which has a better coating on the shaft to prevent the seal from wearing a groove in it and causing leaks.

The parts are reletivly cheap,and you don't want to do the repair more than once if you don't have to! When pressing the seals in, just use a socket that is about the same size as the seal and it should go together pretty easy. :)

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