I Need a stock headpipe PLZ HELP!

Anobody out there have a stock headpipe for a 2003-05 yz450. I actually broke mine right off the bike:banghead: :thumbsup::bonk::smirk: :smirk: :devil:

I got one for a 2000 426 if it would fit, you can have it for free, just pay shipping.

I do not think the headpipe will fit from a 2000 Thanks

Have you checked ebay? Normally you can find exhausts on there.

Yes, check eBay. Look for pipes from a YZ450, WR450 or YFZ450 (yes, the quad). The YFZ pipes are stainless instead of titanium and weigh a bit more, but are more durable. I don't think there is a performance difference between them.

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