WR Upgrades for Long Distance Trippin'

Hey Guys,

Wondering what the hive thinks about necessary upgrades for a longer distance journey on an 06 WR450.

It would involve a fair amount of highway, dirt roads, fire roads, and some trail action I'd imagine.

Off the top of my head I would think larger tank, up the gearing, parhaps a new seat, a rack, tires that lean more towards street running...

Does anyone have any particular recommendations? Has anyone fitted their WR to do a similar trip? If so, I'd like to hear from you. Particularly about things you would change if you took such a trip again.

Thanks a lot gang, and have a great holiday season!

Get the bike plated for street riding to connect trails

Acerbis (GYT-R) 3.3 gallon tank.

Acerbis plastic mirror swivel mount (cheap but effective)

Brake light switch wired to stock tailight ( mod is possible since tail has dual filament)

60/55 Watt Xenon bulb

Michelin Desert 90/90-21 & Michelin Baja 140/80-18 (120 actual size) or Pirelli MT21 for more heavy street use.

15/50 gearing

Utah Sport Cycle Skid plate, Unabiker rad guards, cycra pro bend bark busters

SDG Tall soft seat or Guts racing tall soft foam/cover kit

WolfmanLuggage.com for carry gear. forget the rear rack it will pound the aluminum subframe. Your choice of tank bag, headlight carry all, fender pack, saddle bags etc. Depend on how much you need to carry. I like the Tank bag and carry all bag since they both lock down and can handle rocks and whoops without exploding of the tail end of the bike.:thumbsup:

Cool Indy, I figured I would hear from you.

I should have included that my bike is indeed plated and has a brake switch installed.

I've clocked a fair amount of distance on her last summer but was thinking of doing a run up to labrador next summer. Is the WR suited for such a long distance run? I'm guessing yes, though it might not be the most comfortable way to go.

The 15/50 combo will provide comfortable highway speeds I'm guessing. Can anything be done to combat the wind at those speeds?



National Cycle makes universal deflector screens.

Some of the guys over on ADVrider mount them on their big thumpers.

You may have to modify the mounting brackets but they can be made to work and mount to the handlebars with the bottom edge of the deflector just over the headlight. If you are planning a lot of road miles you may want to do something like this.


Some guys just get the screens for $70.00 and bolt them to the stock plastic but then you cant remove it as easily when you want the screen off.


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