UK WR426 2001 For Sale

I need to sell my 2001 Wr 426, If anyone one out there is interested mail me as per profile, cheers

The bike is:-

Uk supplied

has fitted:-

Works Connection rad, frame and sump guards

FMF Q pipe, White Brothers Hi boy header

Renthal MX hi bars

Acerbis plastics

Wheels and tyres are brand new, never fitted as are front/rear fenders, stock headlight, fork protectors, tank and rad scoops, complete exhaust inc header

Bike has about 12 hours on it ( have kept a service log)

I am looking for about £3900

I also have a spare set of talon motocross wheels plus a set of supermoto wheels (done about 10 miles)

:) Scooby..what sort of money are you looking for the S/M wheels? and what colours are they?


The supermoto wheels are gold talon hubs with gold excel rims (3.5" front, 4.25" rear) with braking wavy 320 mm front disc, braking wavy rear disc. They have Dunlop D 207 gp tyres fitted 120/60x17 front, 160/60x17 rear. To go with the wheels I have 15/42 sprockets, a shortened chain, a full set of brake pads and a shorty UFO front fender. The wheels etc have really only done about 10 miles, so are as new. There is around £1250 worth of kit, but I will take £875. I really wanted to sell the bike first though, it is in T+mx news next friday (11/1/02). If you are interested in the wheels give me a shout and I'll give you first refusal.


Bikes now sold, phone never stopped ringing!! Still have the supermoto wheels as described above if anyones interested

What colour are your Talon wheels?


Sorry M8, everything except the supermoto wheels is sold


scooby, do you still have the talon motocross wheels?

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