air filter

is the stock air filter on a 450 any different from an aftermarket ie: twin air

The aftermarket's are suppossed to have higher air flow.

I have the Twin-Air, the UNI filter, and a Moose one.

I like the Moose the best, it has a more robust build, plus you DON"T have to use any sealing grease on the lip where it meets the airbox.

I rate the UNI probably just below the Moose. You do need to use sealing grease on the UNI.

I'd give the Twin-Air a close # 3 rating. It doesn't seem to be holding up physically as well as the two above, but it's one nice feature is that it's easier to get into the airbox (smaller size). It also needs sealing grease.

I used to grease the seal on my air filters, but stopped years ago. It is not needed. As long as the filter is properly oiled, dirt cannot get to the engine, not even through the seal (unless you have one of the years where honda had bad airbox seals). I love the twin air filters b/c they are the easiest to put in ant take out.

I think any of the 3 mentioned are better than stock although my stock one gets cycled in with my 4 uni filters. Cleaning and oiling all 5 at once makes life much easier and you can keep them oiled in a large ziplock bag. I like Unis and I like putting grease around the edge just for security. Plus it's easy to put on and off so why not?

I just purchased a Proseal airfilter which also come with 2 removable foam filterskins for around the same price as Twinair. Proseal makes good stuff and for the additional foam skins, you can't beat their price. Its like having three filters for the price of one! Also suggest trying the Proseal airfilter seal to alleviate the greasing procedure.Nothing against Twinair. they make a good product.:thumbsup:

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