Got my Dr. D

So I got my Dr.D exhaust on the 426 today, and all I can say is wow.. The power is so nice with this new exhaust, it almost feels like riding a completely new bike. The power down low is excellent, and it has a very noticeable hit that was lacking a bit before. The build quality of the system is also superb, and Id recommend it to anyone looking for a great exhaust. It is a lot quieter than my stocker, and spark arrested too. For the money, I dont believe there is another system out there that matches Dr.D :thumbsup:

I got the same dr. d around thanksgiving and think of it like you with the lower power. I would buy a head pipe guard carbon or whatever but can't find one. I only had the exhaust for like a week if that took it on some trails to ride andgot a rock ding in the header but the thing hangs super low just waiting to get smacked. But all in all it has been a great exhaust.

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