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I just ordered new fenders for my 98 XR400 from Denniskirk.com and now I need new graphics. I was thinking about staying witht he original design but I would also like to see what others manufacturers have to offer. Any ideas???


try going bare a#*.

i've never had tank graphics on my xrs because the stock ones are made to peal right off (with the popularity of aftermarket graphics honda assumes we will want to replace the stock graphics so they make them cheap and expendable).

that, combined with the fact that the aftermarket graphics designers seem to put little effort into xr graphics, unlike motocross bikes. infact i think the only graphics worse than those out there for the xr are ski graphics...horrible eurotrash designs that have not caught up to the new school.

snowboarders and motocrossers get cool graphics.

skiers and xr riders are either stuck with eurotrash clown puke, or can set their own standard and run the red pigs in the nude. i go for number 2!

>skiers and xr riders are either stuck with

>eurotrash clown puke, or can set their own

>standard and run the red pigs in the nude.

My stock tank graphics are getting thrashed too, and like you, I haven't seen any aftermarket stuff I like either. I'm thinking about doing the same thing...

I have a 98 400, I just went with the One Industries white graphic and seat combo. I like how the lines flow from tank to seat. If I had it to do over, I would have bought a black tank when I went to the 4 gallon IMS and added black fenders etc. I fall alot and black would hide the scratches!

Agreed, the XR graphics from most vendors are not too cool. I've got white plastic and have been trying to find something that would look good.

I've been looking at N-style, Slik, One Industries, etc. I have mocked up some images on an xr400 w/white plastics, but they're at work.

If you want to compare notes shoot me an email at NOSPAMtrooper8@yahoo.com (obviously drop the NOSPAM) and I'll send you copys of the pictures.

check out Stroker for XR graphics...

they are pretty cool...

Quote: "skiers and xr riders are either stuck with eurotrash clown puke, or can set their own standard and run the red pigs in the nude. i go for number 2"

You are very, very unwell aren't you. I know this because only the very sick could come up with a phrase like "Eurotrash Clown Puke". Genius.

I have just put the One Industries decals on my 400. They remind me of Christmas. Think its the Santa Claus red with the ickle white dots all over. They look marginally less s*** than the Werx ones I took off. Marginally.

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The bad part about running no graphics is tank wear from your knees. Once you wear the smooth gloss off that area it is forever dirty, especially on white plastic. I just buy the OEM replacement decals from F/X, any year, because they are heavy duty, last a long time, are made to take abuse and they protect the tank from knee wear.

white light: yep, i have a once white, now dirty cream, IMS 4gal tank for sale somewhere on this page. good point.

manks: sorry about the incidental rogering i may have given you and your comrades on the other side of the pond. no offense on the eurotrash comment. Hope it didn’t bring you to fisticuffs. :)

sounds like you must be running the santa on acid graphics kit from one industries.

email me @ aceny1@monmouth.com I'll show you what I just did to my 02 4hunge...

(don't know how to psot a pic in here)


Does anybody know a company that makes graphics for 86-95 XR? Or would the graphics for the newer bikes fit?


Absoulutely no offence taken. Countries within Europe have been variously responsible for what is best and worst in design. However, I suspect that XR graphics design has a lot to do with our Japanese chums. Any hard feelings regarding WWII are clearly being taken out on XR owners.

Santa on acid. Yep, think the graphics were from the One Industries Chemicals at Christmas collection.

:)Graphic kit for sale clic here

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Factory Effex has OEM graphics. I have seen the last two on that graphic and they look to be high quality but they do have those holes. I guess that is to let the tank plastic breathe.


Naples is a cool place, used to go there with a friend to his house off of Frank Whiteman. and to that boardwalk and all around.

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Those little holes let the tank breathe gas fumes too.

I bought a set of the FE OEM XR 600 graphics. Problem was that I was putting them on a 400, so they didn't quite fit right. I trimmed them down and added a section at the top, which I made from similar material, but without holes. It went on smooth as silk, and looked fine. Within a week though, the bubbles started.

You will notice the same effect if you try to laquer a plastic tank. Bubbles man, bubbles.

As I said earlier the F/X graphics are very high quality and are very thick to take abuse and protect the tank. The holes are vent holes but, also when applying the graphic so you don't get bubbles.

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