Springs...plz help with some info. xr650r

I posted this in the suspension forum....but there was only one response and I wanted to see what some xrr riders had to say.

I have a 2006 xr650r

The stock springs for my bike are .43kg/9.2kg front/rear. From the charts I’ve seen, this setup is ideal for someone weighing ~165lbs. I tend to bounce around between 165 and 175...more towards 175 though.

My question is: should I get springs for a 200lbs rider?

I have a dual sport kit, 4.5 gal Clarke tank, fender pack w/ tool & tube….plus all the gear I wear … this crap must add up to at least 25lbs. So am I correct in getting springs for a 200 lbs rider (.45kg/10kg)?

I feel as though the bike is under sprung. I ride fast desert and get airborn on occasion. I haven’t had any problems with bottoming out, but get some high speed knifing (I’m getting ahead of myself here). Any input would be great…:thumbsup:


Eibach 10.5's here.


Max power, I dont follow. Is your situation similar to mine...and you installed a 10.5 rear spring? Or you got a 10.5 for sale for me? :thumbsup:

If you are not bottoming out with all that junk i wouldn't bother changing ,the knifing though please explain and someone may be able to guide you.

It's probably a rebound thing if you ain't bottoming.

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