Electrical Gurus Need Confermation Please:

my XR630 shat the tail/brake light yesterday. (cracked red lens & blown globe)

so i bought a CYKEL universal fitting LED one today but not working :smirk::thumbsup:

bike wiring plug- to tail/brake light configeration


black - black

green - yallow

i presume this is right ? confermation on this anyone. :devil:

a test light would come in handy right now :smirk:

what do i set my multimetre on for testing *IM MULTIMETRE LITERATE* well should say electrical literate

The light should have come with directions telling you which color is for what circut, on the bike the colors should be...

green is ground

black is tail light

the other should be brake (my '00 XR650L has G/Y)

multimeter should be set on volts, whatever scale is right for 12v (usually 20v scale) You want the volt scale that tops out one step above 12V.

Does your taillight get powered via AC or DC? If it's AC, then that most likely explains why the new LED doesn't work.

As to why the stock taillight blew, bad voltage regulator? If your taillight is in fact DC, maybe a bad regulator immediately killed your new LED bulb with over voltage too? I would direct power the new bulb to test it and evaluate the system voltage with meter.

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