help me with - WR450 suspension

Could you help me with my 2003 WR450 suspension ?

Since I did find the bike quite hard/harsh with the stock suspension settings I tried to soften the

things a little. I did decrease the rebound on the front fork from stock -2 clicks and I also decrased

the high speed damping on the rear. It was ok until I was riding alone.

Now when I'm trying to keep up with my new riding buddys (fast guys, I can climb everything they can, but trying to keep with them on straights or downhill is hard).

Especially going downhill on rocky sections, (going uphill seems ok) the front end of my bike feels very unsafe, kind of spongy, unstable, hard to keep direction at that speeds. It does not seem to bottom thogh. The rear end seems like it wants to decompose, it goes deep in to its travel. It is better if I set the adjusters on the suspension to stock settings, but then I my knees start to hurt after longer rides and

on the small stuff when I'm going slow it seems very harsh to ride - it is better if I go a little faster.

The stock spring on the front are 0.42kg/mm front and 4.9 kg/mm rear. I'm 165 lb. Are the springs to soft for me ? It seems way off compared to other bikes (Even a YZ450 has harder springs and it is for soure 40 lb lighter). I've read that to soft springs can cause a harsh ride. But I don't want to buy new springs and get an even harsher ride.

I was thinking of getting a 0.45 kg/mm and 5.3 rear spring. Would that be OK ?

According to the Racetech website for 165 pounds you need springs with 0.449 kg/mm and a rear spring with 5.24 kg/mm. Buy springs with the closest size up. Go to their site and see.

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