INFO: AIS KIT 2007 ??? Part Number

AnyBody Got the Part Number for AIS KIT for WR 2007 ????



Try to relax. There is no kit yet. Some have used the old kit for the '05/'06, but it isn't perfect and requires a little tweaking. You have a new generation bike and, as it was discussed, the aftermarket needs time to catch up, including GYTR. There are a few things out there for it, a couple of pipes, etc., but not much. The AIS does not effect performance, so there's no need to freak. I remember someone posting a couple of days ago about this very topic and he said someone at Yamaha told him that an '07 kit was in development. I the meantime, you must learn patience, Grasshopper :thumbsup:...SC

Here is your Part number, should be released after the first of the year.


In the meantime, disconnect the grey wire underneath the left number plate at the CDI, it is in a six wire connector. You could also change your muffler. FMF has the Q4 available now for the 07. Thats what I am running. derwud2 is running the Dubach and he is happy with that one to. The grey wire removal and the exhaust change will make for a completely different bike.

All I see is the stock kit removed. Do you have pics of your home made block off kit? Thanks.

Never mind - I see you cut off the flanged end of the pipe and used it to make a template for your own block off plate. :lol:

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