P-38.....ANY GOOD ??

to anybody who has used one....

Does it make a noticable difference?

Is it worth the money?


Depends on your pocketbook and time. You still need to adjust the carb to offset the reduced squirt time from the accelerator pump. Usually a clip position richer, then it produces a consistently stronger power delivery through mid-throttle. If you don't adjust, the P-38 does little to nothing for you other than save gas.

The same thing can be done nearly for free with one of a few creative solutions. Since your bike is a 98/99, Taffy suggested using a small block-connector on the pump rod to limit the stroke, easy to adjust. Kevin posted about mounting a bolt thru the bottom of the pump cover too, washers or a nut will adjust the depth.

See the "KL Mod" posting.

The '00 and new bikes have the BK Mod.


Thanks for the info


James Dean

Thanks for the input. I had a P-38 delivered the other day. I havent had time to put it on yet. Did you experience any problems by going richer one clip? Are there any other tricks to making this mod worth while?

The other suggestion is to get a carb needle from either the YZ426 or YZ250F. Optional needle OBELN (P/N 5NL-14916-EN) works great and adds more mid-range. Try clip #4.

OBELN, EKN, and EJN have no difference other than clip position. (ELN#4=EKN#3.5=EJN#3)


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A little research and I found the answer to my question I had posted.


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i have the P38 installed, another great mod is the TY-Davis throttle wheel. I didn't realize how my throttle cables had been frayed until I changed wheels.

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