Fay Myers

Did all you Colorado boys hear about Fay Myers? Burnt down this morning. :)

Yup, sucks.

Hope they rebuild quick, maybe somewhere else though. Didn't really like having to pay to park. At any rate, maybe they will have a sale on tire puddles, or slightly melted scoots :):D !! Just a little humor. Shout out and props to all employee's and their famalies of Fay Myers, to a speedy rebuild.


I heard a little rumor that the fire was being investigated. Could they possibly have had a little to much inventory that was costing them big during the offseason? Anyone heard anything about this? Just curious...


Bikes and gear burned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I was there I would have been running in and out of the building saving helmets and boots one by one!

Actually, this happened here in town to a local dealership about 4 or 5 years ago.

Arson was the cause. They figure it was a disgruntled customer but Im not sure if they ever caught anybody.

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