chose the 07 yz450-$6650 otd in socal

I finally made up my mind and chose the 07 yz450 over the 07 yz250 2-st.I debated for a few days about which one to buy.I got what I feel is a good deal from yamaha of cucamonga in socal.I paid $6100 plus tax and lic.came to $6650 otd.I couldn't resist so I rode it up and down my street 2 times when I got it home and I definately dont think power is going to be a problem on this bike,power feels great.I know it is way to early to make a comparison but the power on this bike feels very comparable to my 05crf450.I love how quiet this bike is ,doesnt sound ear piercing like my crf.I cant wait to get this bike out in the dirt.

Congrats on your purchase. I've rode the 07 YZ450 and its simply amazing. I wish I had the money for one.

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