need a good sand tire

Got a 94 xr650l - need a newrear tire. I am 280 and ride in a fair amount of sand yet ride it to work. Was thinking about getting a TERAFLEX

150/90-18___MC105 but I have been told a wider tire makes for harder turning in sand.I figure since I am slow I need all the tractor effects of a wide deep tread tire.

Any draw backs to running a wide vrs narrow in sand?

I have not seen a reason not to run the 130/90-18 I run have more issues with the front wanting to plow. Use the same one you would use in snow, sands like snow cept not as cold, LOL. just kidding. Ive seen guys that like the dunlop 773 for sand, but not dot approved. I run the 606 which is a great all around tire, does everything decent but doesnt excel at anything, whatever you choose there will be a compromise somewhere. Just learn the characteristics of a given tire and use it accordingly. A lot of guys swear by the teraflex, cant wait till my 606 wears out so I can try one, but not the fat 150, 130 is plenty tire!

Merry Christmas

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