got my bike back today

well i had my bike at xr's only for a big bore kit 630,stage 1 cam,keihin fcr and some other head work and while they had it i had the forks revalved and springs done.

now for the best part i never expected the bike to be this much faster:ride: anyone thinking of doing the upgrade i wouldn't even think twice. now i can't wait to hit the dirt so i can see how much better the forks work. oh yea that carb change is just incredible you barely touch the trottle and the bike responses before it was a 1/4 throttle before it acted like it does now. ok now the problems where's the dam choke on the keihin fcr kicking this thing over with the higher compression it sure does spin over like it did lol now it does start easyier without having a choke on then it did before if i didn't have the choke on lol.

now here's my input on xr's only they did a great job and they told me 2 weeks and it took 2 weeks and 3 day i have noproblem with that i could of had it back sooner then today but i didn't have time to go get it till today.

so all in all i am very very happy money well spent in my book.

i also want to say thank you to everyone on this site because i wouldn't of done it without reading all the great input :thumbsup:

thank you once again


So how much did they charge, engine mods $???. Suspension work $???.

Your lucky to have such a qualified shop available to you, Have not found one in Florida yet, they are all a bunch of liars, they tell you what they think you want to hear, instead of the plain truth. Have had some dealings with Kamell at xrs only and have been impressed by the frank and truthfull responses I have recieved from him. Merry Christmas.

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