hey what about Yamaha?

Has anyone heard if Yamaha is going to have a bike to duel with Hondas 150?


They already have it, just waiting for the rule change from the AMA. Definitely see it in 08.

got any info or pictures?

got any info or pictures?

Read it in one of the magazines that was featuring the new Honda 150. You won't see any pictures until they release the bike to the public just like the Honda.

Yamaha has had a 150 for several years now - a picture was floating around and even a magazine posted this 2 years ago

They however have kept this under wraps - and honda released to the public. I think you will hear more about it the next 8-9 months

I was at Tom Whites Museum two months ago and there were some Yamaha

guys there talking about the new "MINI BIKE" I didn't believe them but it might be true.....Turbo charged 8 speed mini rocket...top speed of 97 mph! The proto

type was seen doing 70 mph wheelies just by turning the throttle..DUDE! I want one...I was able to get a picture of one of the other protos....


That picture that was in the magazine was an artist's rendition of what the bike could look like. It was photoshopped.

I wish Yamaha would hurry my wife needs a new bike....

Im pretty sure i saw in a issue of Dirtrider that the Yamaha has a 150f in Japan that should be competing with the honda in 08

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