i am tired of trying to make it back before dark

What all does it take and what all do i need to put a WR stator plate on my 05 yzf 450. sometimes i go out trailing and we are always trying to make it back before dark. i want something i can hook up and go trailing and un hook to race.

Nothing from the charging/ignition of any WR will fit up to a YZ450, regardless of model year. You will have to get yours rewound, or use an after market solution.

well that sucks but thanks 4 the info

i came across this same problem, so what i did was went through a company called TrailTech and got a pair of high power HID helmet lights. they hook up to a light weight battery source that you can put in a back pack. i also believe that a clamp is available so you can put them on your bars, but i havnt researched it. the battery last about 2 hours, which is plenty of time to hussle back to camp!


i have heard of them but i really wanted to get a number plate with a light that would last as long as i wanted. but its better than strapping flashlights to your bar lol.

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