stock graphics for '04 WR450

Actually, I just need the left (shifter side) gas tank sticker. Where can I buy just the individual sticker or do I have to buy a kit. I want the stock one as I'm selling my WR450F to get a YZ450F. It so strange I crashed at the track the other day on my right side and the bike never touched on the left side 'cuz I was still under the bike on my right side when I stopped. The right side acerbis rallly pro bent bad (piece of crap) but no scratches on the right side. My left side however has tons of white scratches on the tank. Only thing I can think of is somehow my boot did it but were talking like 100 scratches and I don't think my leg moved that many times in a few seconds.s

Anyway, the bike is fine and the plastics are fine, I just need to get that one sticker.


Thought I give this another bump since I still haven't gotten a response. No one has ever scratched up their stock graphics?:lol:

You can go to and look. You should see at the top of the home page where you can select your bike. Just type it in there and then go to the graphics and look.

Ok just found some but they're $54 a piece just the graphic for one side so you would probably just be better off buying a new graphic kit. But if you really want the stock one it's at under the oem parts list.

Thanks a lot for finding that for me! I'm going to be selling the bike so I may just go with the stock one. I still have no idea how I scratched up the left sticker when I fell on the right side of the bike. It just doesn't make sense.

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