650r seat hard as hell

Is it just me or does any elses butt hurt after about 4-6 hours in the saddle? This is my first 650r, love the bike, hate the seat. I am a sit down rider and have rode nothing but kx 500's in the past. Wondering if anyone has any info on possably softer seat foam from another bike that would maybe fit, or a source from which to get said foam?

thx Wes, gardnerville nv.

Welcome,raudy2, to Thumpertalk...Try standing more....

You'll probly hear more of the same.....


I have the same complaint & have posted the same question myself. I've chosen to go with GUTS tall/soft foam & cover. I'm pretty sure that this will be coming my way for Christmas. If you can wait a month or two I should have a ride report with the new setup when I can get it installed & put a ride on it. I'm hoping that the soft foam will compress to something near to stock height with my butt in place. If not I may cut it down a bit. Time will tell.

I just installed the guts tall and soft that I bought at Baja Designs. Fully compressed it still rides a little taller than the stock foam. Only road it for about an hour since, but the difference in comfort was noticeable.

I think 4-6 hours will do that to anyone's buttcheeks

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