RE: xr fuel tanks

Hey guys, my buddy has an 05 XR650R and wanted a larger tank to keep up with us ( i have a 3.3 gal tank) so he bought a 3.6 gallon tank i beleive it was, anyhow there is only one peticock on one side of the tank but the other side looks like it will hold up a pile of gas, i checked the stock tank, it looked very similar, wha'ts the deal here? my Acerbis tank for my Yamaha WR450f has two peticocks so i drain the tank completely. what's the deal with his???

i posted almost the exact question on another site about my 4.7 gal Clarke on my 650L. Oe guy said it gets there somehow(which i don't see happening). Another had said to get a piece of gas line and use a y connector with some type of weight and run it to the side opposite the petcock so it will pick up the gas(makes since). most others say when you stop for a break lean the bike over and fill the petcock side (sounds silly,but sounded like the easiest thing to do).

I think the general expectation is that vibrations from riding will toss gas over the divider to the side with the petcock. If you run dry, the first thing to do would be to lean it over to the petcock side though!

For sure you could put a second petcock into the other side or run a separate pickup, but that sounds like real work to me :thumbsup:

Think of it as an emergency reserve. When the bike runs dry just lay it over and the gas will go to the petcock side. It's usually only an issue issue on a smooth trail or the road. Rough trails will slosh the gas around and more will get over to the petcock side.

I think it's a poor design, i said to my buddy too about leaning the bike over, other then riding rough and some sloshing around to get some of it there........

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