please...wire diagram 93 xr600

well this is my first post so i should start by saying hi.

this is my problem....i got a 93 xr600r with a dakar dual sport kit and a 200 watt ricky stator. i desperatly want to take the kit is causeing huge problems with my bike. can someone please post a diagram from the stator on up. i have five wires on my stator....two white, two green and a black/red.

i didnt put the kit on so i have no idea how to take it off and still have the bike run....and yes it is the kit with the frickin key

thank you in advance and merry christmas

Please describe the "problems." I'm not sure how the kit can cause issues.

Of the 5 wires, 4 are for the lighting and have nothing to do with the engine running. Just tape them up if you want to totally remove the lighting. The black/red wire is the voltage source for the ignition.

The key switch works by connecting the voltage produced by the black/red wire to the frame (ground). Just unplug the wires from the key switch and you should be good to go. The key switch should jut be in parallel with the kill switch.

thanks for the reply..

i have no lights. im not getting any power to the handlebar switch. you said four of the wires are for lighting. you wouldnt happen to know how i could find out if the wires are hooked up correctly

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