Stolen Bike

CO guys, please keep your eyes open.


Large Reward $1,000

Blue & White 1997 Yamaha YZ 250 Dirt Bike

 Gold Exel Rims and Talon Hubs

Pro Circuit Pipe with Answer Carbon Fiber silencer

Applied Racing triple clamps with black allen head cinch bolts

 Pro Taper bars with Blue Acerbis Bark Busters

 Reflex blue fenders - Rear fender new

One Industries graphics kit

 Rear swingarm had blue Performance Cycle decal

 Gripper seat - torn at rear corners

 Racer Edge trademark on motor - RE


Please Call - 303-783-5725

my buddies just got theirs stollen out of the back of their trucks so i will keep an eye out for you. I will tell all my friends and keep your vin # in my riding pack so i can check all that i see

I know this may be a little late for you, but some others may want to consider it. I was able to insure my '96 KTM 300, full coverage, theft included for only $50 a year! Progressive Insurance, they even offer 10% off if you insure online. No inspection necessary either.

Yo Scott;

Man that sucks bad. I have two friends that rode their XR400 and XR600's from Boulder to Tierra Del Fuego (That spelling might be an issue :) ). Thats the very souther most point in South America. At any rate, my buddies XR600 got stolen in Bunes-Aires, thus the end of their 20,000+ mile trip. Doesn't matter though where your bike gets ripped off from, it's like taking one of you kids. I do a lot of riding around the front range up out of Boulder, and will also keep you VIN on hand on all my rides. CO riders unite! :D


Hey lew, where do you get your insurance


I get my insurance through my locaal agent, but the carrier insurance company itself is GuideOne Insurance. I paid $110 for full coverage on my '01 Dub'R for an entire year. I've always kept full coverage on my bikes, in fact I paid off most of my KDX220 by crashing it :):D , don't tell my insurance company :D !


progressive sucks. 234 a year. I am only paying 120 a year right now. And i have flawles record. Not gonna do it. Let me know if any of you are cheaper.

Originally posted by H20Pumper:

Hey lew, where do you get your insurance

state farm my friend

One thing about Progressive, they are really expensive if you are out of their "sweet spot". I guess my age, specs, and location made my numbers perfect. I know other people that their quotes were considerably higher with just a few differences.

I just ran a quote on an '02 Husqvarna TE 250 (my hopefully next bike) with full coverage, $500 deductible, and $500,000 liability the quote was $75.00! Go figure.

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