how can I put a key ignition on my wr450f?

i got mine in last week and installed it a couple days ago... i just changed out the connector at the end and it worked flawlessly!!! tiny little key though :applause:


The reason I ask is I ordered an ignition off a ttr, and the one I got is all metal with the wires saudered into the back, no boot for the key, exposed contacts in the back. Definitely doesn't look as nice, easy to short out on a wet day maybe, and $125 as well.


Now, I see I can get a boot for the back, but I feel $125 is a lot to begin with, and I don't feel like throwing money at this problem. How much was your switch. If it was reasonable (and came weatherproof), I will probably exchange the one I've got now (and screw th restocking fee)

Mine was $50 (USD) and is completely sealed on the back side.

I purchased a Dual Sport kit from electro and it came with one. It looked like it could be easily compromised. I am going to invest in a couple locks that will fit in the break disk rotors when I choose to park it publicly.

that pic is the wrong one, lol you need a diff one, much cheaper too....... You need to look up a 2005 TTR125E

You want item 16 Part Number 5HP-82510-00-00 MAIN SWITCH ASSY


Like this.

Yamah Japan kit

I made the neutral and turn indicator light setup.


Dealer won't let me return the old one (electrical part) so in she went last night. Works fine, doesn't look as nice tho....

FYI... just installed a trick DS kit, looks good, went in easy! pics soon...


I just got my '07 and ordered the switch but they have different colored wires which ones go where?

Thanks Ken

yeah, the wire colors don't match, just look up the schematic for your rig in the manual that came with it and see what two color wires you need, and hook them up to the two in the new switch that give you continuity when turned on.

I used baja Designs key switch, $30.00 and work excellent.

I am trying to wire up my Baja Designs switch and was wondering which wires you used. I have a 2005 WR250F, so the + lead to the main ignition switch is red and the - lead is brown. The little LED light has + red/black and - black. The Baja switch has a green and black wire (which it seems wouldn't matter too much since the switch just completes the continuity when turned on, right?) Did you wire the Baja switch to the red and brown wires and cap off the LED wires? Or should the LED wires be connected together to complete the ground? Any infomation would be helpful so I don't blow something up (ha!). Thanks!

The problem is that the Baja Designs switch is a Normally Closed switch. That is, if the key is removed, the contacts have continuity. With the key inserted and turned to the ON position, it does NOT have continuity. It will function as a replacement for the handlebar mounted Kill Switch, but it will NOT function as a replacement for the Mickey Mouse Push ON/Push Off Ignition Switch.

I'm looking to fit a key switch to my 08 wr450f and notice a popular choice is to use the switch from a 2005 ttr125e, which I would prefer. Ive seen some pictures of the switch and it looks like its fitted to a mounting bracket.

Can anyone tell me is the bracket utilised or does it come off of the main switch body?

Another way to do it would be to use a simple 4-wire key switch. They are very cheap to buy and have got to be better than the original one that is starting to give up on me...

I'd also like to wire in a red ignition light like whats on the original on/off switch, it would be great to see some more pics of dash or main key switch fitted that any of you guys have got... :smirk:

the bracket comes off the switch but I used part of it and wedled a piece to it to mount it. you can easily run a light off one of the wires also, then to ground, you only need 2 of the 4 wires to make it work. mine has been on now since 06 and it's still working great.

I plan to do something also in the future, sooner if it takes little work as I have too much with my other bikes.

Here is a couple of pics of the key ignition switch when i took photos of when i made my vapor mounting bracket.



Finally got round to completing the dash and lighting mods it makes it so much user friendly for the daily commute. Also fitted a neutral light :smirk:



Like this.

Yamah Japan kit

I made the neutral and turn indicator light setup.


Sorry to bring up an old topic, but where did you get teh very small indicator lights??

Sorry to bring up an old topic, but where did you get teh very small indicator lights??

Not sure where he got them but I got some like it in various colors at Radio Shack. They are cheap and easy to wire.

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