Throttle cable woes....

About 2-3 months ago, I was riding my then new to me 426. I felt a pop when turning the throttle, and it hasnt been the same since. The new symtoms we that it didnt come back on its own, and had a lot of play. Today, I decided to get some new cables last minute before my trip to the dunes on Tuesday. Well, come to find out that not a single place in town had the right cables. I found 1 shop with some Sunline cables, for an 04-05 YZ450F. Well, come to find out, Yamaha decided to change the cables for 04-05, and they didnt work... When I took them back to this shop, I was looking at the rack of Sunline cables to make sure that I didnt overlook anything the first time. As I gave up hope that Id get some new cables by Tuesday, my eyes fell on a pair of Yellow throttle cables, for a 04-05 Suzuki RMZ250, and they looked a lot like my old cables, in terms of length and fittings. This was my last hope, so I bought them. Well, they work like a dream. They only minor annoyance is the yellow color, but its classic Yamaha, and matches the yellow One Ind. logos on my shrouds. I am now a happy man.

Cliffs + Moral: Dont wait until last minute to get parts you know you need, and Suzuki RMZ throttle cables will fit a 426.

Its good to know that the cables interchange.

Thanks for posting about the RMZ cables...never know when something like that may come in handy.

You took a chance, and it worked out. Always good to hear a success story. :thumbsup:

so was it your cables that snapped, ive had to change mine almost every year because they start to fray where they go into the throttle cable housing on the carb.....every other year it seems i need new ones i always inspect that part every year i just noticed it yeseterday when i took my carb out that one strand is frayed....grrrrrrrr anyone else notice this this will be my 3rd set of throttle cables in 4-5 years..........thats one thing new owners of older yz bikes should check so they don't snap while riding......

good point tammie. I am on my second set. first set the return cable broke. second set...... I went over the bars and somehow caught the cable on something when I crashed and broke the housings up by the bars. I am however getting good at putting cables on it.

ok so its not just me is there anything one can do to minimize the wear there?

Yeah, one of my cables had been snapped at the carb end for some time, and was severly frayed at the throttle end. Im trying out the Sunline cables, and will let you all know how they wear compared to stock.

I remember one time when I was over in San Francisco on my street bike

(KZ1000) and the throttle cable broke...:thumbsup: There I was on the bay bridge holding up traffic and being called every sware word known to man...

Being the crafty old man that I am I took my shoe lace out of my Chuck Taylor

Converse shoe and tied it around the carb linkage:thumbsup: I got home in

about the same time it took me with good fact I rode that bike for three years with the shoe lace!!


Does any dealer stock parts anymore?!!!

And they wonder why I buy from the internet.

Yeah, I've noticed that my dealer doesn't seem to carry any parts either. I even had to order in front wheel bearings from them. &%$#@!???

Yeah, I've noticed that my dealer doesn't seem to carry any parts either. I even had to order in front wheel bearings from them. &%$#@!???

My local dealer is the same way. For years I rode an XR400 and it uses an oil filter that nearly every Honda dirt bike used for more than 10-years and yet they always had to order it. If I am going to go through the trouble of ordering a part, I will do it online and avoid paying retail for parts (or more than retail). I can understand not stocking specialty parts, but the basics should be in stock at all times. They wonder why their parts business is dwindling...

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