KX100 fork oil level dangers???? HELP

Hey everyone, just wondering how many of you work on your own forks on your own. A friend an I tore my bike down and flushed out the fork oils in my bike but werent sure how much to put back in, so i took up a friends advice and added much more than what clearly came out becasue he said it would make them stiffer. Indeed it did make them stiffer but i was thinking about it today and i thought that maby having all that oil in there would make my seals blow faster becasue of all the pressure that is constantly being make on the seal. If anyone knows if this is a safe and cheap way of making the forks stiffer, please let me know! Thanks guys!

I'll try to remember to post the fork oil height limits from my Clymer manual. I run the KX100 forks on my DRZ125L.

A few things tho...

-The stock springs are for a 115 lb rider.

-Make sure the oil height in each fork is the same.

-Don't exceed what Kawi says is the upper limit... or the lower limit.

Besides raising the fork oil level a bit, you can go with heavier fork oil. If you are running 10W, you can try 15W. But you may have to play with the fork oil height to find the best combination. Since I've never done this myslef, I can't give you more advice than that.

If you've got the thing apart, there's always the springs. Race Tech and Cannon RaceCraft make KX85/100 springs. Cannon has stiffer springs avail. They're about $100 per set.

0.29kg.mm is stock.

Race Tech goes up to .33kg/mm

Cannon goes up to .38kg/mm

Race Tech has a fork calculator to help you find the right spring.


Here's Cannon's link


One last thing... since your in NJ, if you're not sure about what you're doing and you can afford to spend a little $$$ on it, maybe contact Kessler Pro Suspensions and ask what it would take to get you set up. Their shop is in Farmingdale. NJ.

anyone know what amount to put in to start? is a 1996 kx 100

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