Rekluse Gasket

I just bought a used Rekluse clutch for my 06 YZ450. The seller said all the parts were there except for the thicker clutch cover gasket. I know several of you have these clutches and i was hoping someone could tell me the thickness of the Rekluse gasket. If I know that I can probably make one. Any set-up or installation tips would be appreciated also.

I've installed the Rekluse on two '02 426 and an '05 450, and the gasket is pretty thick (more of a spacer) and about the same for both. I just ran down to the garage and measured mine, it's roughly 4mm. I say roughly because I just got back from having a sushi dinner with my gf and she digs hot sake :thumbsup:

I would recommend ordering the gasket/spacer from Rekluse, their customer service is top-notch and they are very quick with shipping.

For the install make sure you have an inch/lb torque wrench and two sets of feeler gauges handy. Based on the two that I have installed I would suggest adding one drive plate more than what the instructions say to start...the install gap was too large on both when doing exactly what the instructions said...I think they err on the side of caution.

Thanks alot for the info. People like you are what makes this site great. I have read a lot about this in the archives and noticed some people had stalling issues. Did you experience this? The clutch I bought came with the perch adjuster. Should I use it?

Thanks again,


Hi kxman, i just installed the rekluse on my '02 426. i love it!! the gasket you are missing is as YZ426F Rider said-more of a gasket material spacer-pretty thick. mine is on the bike,but it is still 2mm thick torqued in place. i have seen the gasket listed on their website,so you can buy it seperately. you can also download full installation instructions for the clutch & perch adjuster off their site. any other problems/questions just call them. they're great & service oriented-fedex overnite shipping. as long as your set-up clearances are correct,you should not have stalling issues-just the opposite! try the perch adjuster since you have it & see if you like it-costs $100-the standard adjuster parts are less than $20 shipping included, you have to call them for these parts because they're not listed seperately. your gonna love it-have fun...aloha

You should definitely buy the spacer, doubling or tripling gaskets will probably end up with a leak.

My bike has stalled a few times. Everytime I was climbing steep switchbacks with a hot bike and chopped the throttle quickly. I think it was more of a hot engine stall than a clutch issue.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Rekluse, though I would stay away from it if you ride a ton of sand. I tried it at Juniper Dunes and was not impressed, but I had the heavy spring in at the time also.

Rekluse sells a replacement clutch cover that has the extra thickness already built in so you don't use a really thick gasket. Seems alot safer to me. I love the perch adjuster. The ablility to pull in the clutch when you want is great. Plus being able to keep revs high with the clutch pulled in and just drop the clutch while it's feathered perfect is great for holeshots.

Did you have any trouble getting the perch adjuster to work properly? I knew about the cover but it seems a little pricey to me.

Did you have any trouble getting the perch adjuster to work properly? I knew about the cover but it seems a little pricey to me.

I received my rekluse with only the perch adjuster (ebay). was doubtful when installing it-but followed the directions to the letter & was surprised by how well it actually worked. eliminates the need for bending over with wrenches to fine tune. you're gonna need either the rekluse cover OR/and their spacer gasket with the stock cover to prevent clutch damage.

You also might need to install a washer on the inboard side of your brake lever so that it still clears the clutch cover.

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