Rekluse Gasket

I just bought a used Rekluse clutch for my 06 YZ450. The seller said all the parts were there except for the thicker clutch cover gasket. I know several of you have these clutches and i was hoping someone could tell me the thickness of the Rekluse gasket. If I know that I can probably make one. Any set-up or installation tips would be appreciated also.


I just installed one on my 07wr 450, just read the directions carefully and take your time. Be carefull not to drop any screws or ballbearings in your cases. Stick towels in to plug the cases. Make sure you use the right amount of washers on each stud and becareful when measuring clutch plate clearances, because if you force the feeler gauge in to hard you will break off friction material off the friction plates. Its not like checking tappet clearences, as long as the gauge goes in fairly snug, not hard, call it good. With tappets I would go to the next highst clearence and if it didnt fit I would call it good. With the bike clucth,If you force(even mildly) the feeler gauge in you will scrape off that corky material on the friction plates. good luck,take your time and call recluse with questions and order that gasket from them. OUT

Just use two stock gaskets, that will work.

Mine is approximately 5/32" thick.

Thanks for the info. I guess I will have to buy one fom Rekluse then. I believe the thickest gasket material we have at work is 1/16". I supose I could stack 3 gaskets together though but that may be asking for a leak.

If I remember correctly the kit for my 02 wr426 came with two fairly thick gaskets and the instructions said to use both. I used no sealant and so far no leaks!

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