and Santa said: "Don't worry, everything is going to be all WHITE."

The #1 question people ask me is: Dude, wait till Doug Dubach finds out you stole his bike...

Actually, Doug Dubach has been a really good sponsor and person to me for a few years, he makes top quality stuff, so why not do some free advertising for him?

Anyway, Merry Christmas, all of my presents are on the bike.



Hell yes. :thumbsup:

Hell yes. :thumbsup:


I'll take it in blue! Sweet ride....

Looks good!

Wow...very, very nice!

Very nice, got a Dr.D exhaust myself for X-mas, and I must say, I am more than impressed.


I assume you got the new style can? One nice thing about Dr.D is, with a situation like mine, you can send in your old style can and they will "upgrade" you for a minimal cost.

The new cans for 07' are about 1 1/2 inches shorter. Pretty damn cool.


Dr. D makes fabulous products, and at great prices. Your bike looks awesome!

I think my can is new style, as its pretty short. Just got it from Motosport on the 20th. It is the same can pictured on Dr.D's site.

Tell your "friend" that if he sends me a carbon fiber exhaust I will do some advertising for him also.

Great looking bike........mighty whitey!

I see you have some $$ in that bad a$$ ride!

Looks insane!!!! I'm definetly going to the white when it's time to replace my plastics!

awesome bike!


I think I need a cigarette now!:devil:

Definitely one of the best looking jobs!

so soon jees

damn that is one hott bike. im still not suer if i should get white 07 or blue. im sure when you get scratches and mud with the white it will leave teh dirt in the plastice :thumbsup:

Actually white plastics will hold up better than yellow... and much better than Yami blue.

All you need is some SoftScrub w/ bleach to get the dirt out and you're good to go.

Who makes those number backrounds? Decal Works??

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