WR426f MPG

Anyone know a ballpark est. for mpg on the wr426? I'm going on somewhat of an excursion and need to see if i can make it, thanks.

MPG on a dirtbike is next to impossible without the conditions you are riding in. I can crank 120 miles out of a tank (3.3 gallons) on my YZ if I am single tracking, or just 35 if I am riding in sand. What type of terrain are you planning on?

All desert... and some road portions, but all hard pack that are fast and non technical (around 50mph)

My estimate would be around 25 MPG for fast dez/fire road riding. Of course this will depend on your jetting and gearing also.

in the uk, in mud and hard stone i get around 40MPG outta my wr450

by the way im not sad posting here on xmas day, im at work so im passing the time

I would limit the range to 100miles +/- (that's where I typically have to turn the gas over to reserve). Mine typically gets a little over 30mpg. Of course, I'm rodding it. :lol:

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