Spoke Question

Does anyone have a problem with the spokes in the rear wheel loosening about every ride? Is this normal? What could I use to loosen frozen (corroded) spoke nipples? The spoke nipples arefrozen to the spokes, I have tried visegrips on the spoke with a spoke wrench on the nipple--tried PBBlaster(penetrating oil). I'm not sure what else to try.

try using heat (torch it), along with what you are already tring, this should work!

Thanks Todd--I will give that a try.

try using heat (torch it), along with what you are already tring, this should work!

Are you nuckin' futs? Heat is not the answer, especially with something as hot as a torch! Heat will do nothing more than damage the metal! Those spokes need to be relaced with new ones! As they are now, the corrosion on them poses a significant safety hazard when they fail.

If need be, cut them with diagonal cutters to get them out, then replace them. Relacing a wheel is a bitch if you don't know what you're doing, and getting them "true" is damn near impossible without the right tools. Spend the money, have a reputable dealer do it right the first time, and save yourself some aggravation.

First try taking the tire off and applying penetrating oil from the end of the nipple, then "a little" heat is pretty safe. The last time I checked you could only buy spokes as a complete set but maybe a shop that specializes in wheels (someone that does supermoto conversions?) could supply you with smaller quantities. Like texas hippie said, if they're badly corroded you should just cut them out and replace them. Do it one by one and you shouldn't have any problem.

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