When you receive your Kouba, please reply on this forum!!

5 recipients have acknowledged their receipt of their Kouba out of 85 recipients. When you get it, please post a reply to this topic.

Thanks Guys!!



Got it!! :)

Mike Brooks



woody clouse

Scott Hoge

Anthony Empting


[ January 02, 2002: Message edited by: NH Kevin ]

got it ---- my smallest t-handle yet!!!

i was a bad boy so santa didnt bring me my kouba. :)

recieved, thank you very much for all your time, mike


You are the man :D:D !! Mine arived today, very phyched. Thanks to you for arranging this, very appreciateive :D ! Ever thought of doing this for the "Magnetic Drain Plug" :) . I don't remember for sure, but seems like when I tried to purchase one of them from Zip Ty Racing, there was a $25 minimum for their orders, maybe not anymore, havn't tried in awhile.

Hey, Take care!


Got mine today! Thanks

It appears there are glitches in the US Mail system (understandably) w/ the paranoia on the f-ing anthrax, and holiday mail.

What do we order next??

Factory Connection, just down the road from me, sells rubber mounted, replacement triple clamps. I wonder if I could scam a deal...???

I have also thought of CUSTOM ThumperTalk jackets in DRZ Yellow, Yamaha Blue, Honda Racing Red, KTooM Pumpkin (Wearguard or Land's End), maybe custom (long sleeve?) tee's from Moto-Tees??

Any thoughts ANYONE??

Want me to check it out???

Originally posted by NH Kevin:

It appears there are glitches in the US Mail system

Tell me about it. My Costco bill for October arrived 3 weeks after it was due. I called them and they took care of the late charge and interest since I always pay in full and on time.

Looks like my package should be coming soon to New Mexico. Maybe one day it'll be a nice blue jacket.


Mine arrived today, Friday Morning Jan 04... I expected it might have been a bit quicker, but not bad anyway... my recent best record for postage was a Shoei VFX-R helmet from BTo MotorSports in LA - it was sent on the Saturday just after Thanksgiving, and arrived 5 days later... excellent speed and great helmet... they were so cheap and I was able to get a colour that is not imported in to Australia, so I don't have to worry too much about seeing someone else with the same one.. LOL

As for what else we might be able to get a deal on, well, what are common themes here?

Bars & Triple Clamps (and grips)...

Seat covers and tanks...

Tools (t-bars, spoke wrenches, cable oilers...

We all use tyres, chains & sprockets on a regular basis, but I don't know if I could save a heap on tyres after postage... :)

I think custom stuff... like jackets, badges, stickers, jerseys etc would be good sellers... Maybe cloth and Iron-on patches so we could all customise our Camelbacks and bumbags (fanny packs)...

Perhaps if any of us know someone at any of the suppliers, we could get together a list of places that will give a discount for ThumperTalk Members... e.g. Mention Thumpertalk and your member number, and get 10-15% off or whatever they can offer, free shipping etc. It would be good for these suppliers to know that their products and their company names are circulating around here and 6,000+ potential customers is not to be sneezed at... It would be nice if something could be done in the future so that the owners of TT can get into some sort of partnering arrangement with suppliers to actually make it pay for them as well, because it is privately funded at the moment. If big companies get lots of business from TT members, then that makes it so much easier to know that their sponsorship of this site is going to reap rewards for them.

David (getting a 'handle' on another mod for his bike)

[ January 03, 2002: Message edited by: yamaha.dude ]

Smaller than expected !!

Will install shortly.

Great job Kevin, thanks...and happy 2002

Kevin, I received my Kouba yesterday. Thanks again for your effort.

Rick deNormand

[ January 04, 2002: Message edited by: denorm ]

Got mine last week. Installed it yesterday. very nice.

Thank you Kevin for your hard work. Realy appriciate it.


I received the Kyouba yesterday!



Got it. Thanks.


Got mine today, off to the garge.




I received mine before Christmas!

Many Thanks,


Got it

Thanks again

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