Bought a XR650R

Hi All,

I just bought a XR650R so my KTM520EXC doesn't have to make so many road miles. I picked up a reasonably well example, but there are some 'fixes' by previous owners that I am not so happy with.

Main annoyance is that the chain must have snapped, taking with it the chain 'catcher' above/in front of the sprocket. Problem is that the top mount of the bracket broke off as well. And the previous owner has drilled the hole to try and mount a new bracket. He drilled it fully through to the inside of the gearbox area. Can I just block the hole with a bolt? Should I worry about oil lines in that area?


Ouch. Not the best situation in the world, by far. At one point on my bike, the lower mount on the engine case cracked in 3 places around the threaded hole. I was able to find a local aluminum welder and he was able to repair the cracks. He ended up completely filling the hole, added some extra metal around the outside, and re-drilled & tapped the hole. Great fix, but he charged me 100 bucks. I would try looking into this idea.

I hate to say it, but if that was my bike, I would probably tear it down & replace that side of the case. Not a fun prospect, but if the damage is as bad as it sounds, anything less would bug me.

Hi Motopsycho. Your email worries me, but I hope it is not as bad as you fear. It is only the external rib that broke, just about flush with the other extension. I don't think there was any damage to the rest of the casing, as the casing is a series of ribs with a lot of strengths. The bottom mount joins the casing at a flat side wall, a big hit will much easier crack the casing. I wasn't worried about that part. Should I? Do you think the casing will crack? I had similar damage on my old LC4 that never gave me any trouble.

What I was more worried about was the 'fix' by the previous owner. In a vague attempt to remount the bracket, he drilled the old hole with a smaller diameter drill. He drilled all the way into the innards of the gearbox. When I inspected the damage, I saw some holes belonging to the internal oil system near the clutch area. So I got worried whether he damaged some internal oil lines.


Let's see a picture of you new bike!

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