Christmas Wishes

What are you all wishing for this Christmas....:smirk:

I am going to propose to my soul mate of life, On the 25th...

I bought a ring yesterday......:thumbsup:

There is nothing else I need at the moment...but a partner in this life..:smirk: ..I'll have that next year...:devil:

I will get some new tires also for my BRP....


Congratulations !! Best wishes to you and a lot of very happy years to come..



A new clarke 4.7 tank....

A bottle of Mechanic Testosterone to use when working the bike.

My Family's happiness, and continued good health!

Congratulations frankstr, as your avatar suggests dog is mans best friend but nothing beats a good women!

Lets all hope and pray she say's yes, or theres no telling where our posts will end up! lol

My health issues to go away, my bike to be reassembled, my truck to be repainted, a set of 17" wheel & tires for my truck, Some used bucket seats for my truck to replace the bench seat. And for everyone, one and all to have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, BRPXL600R I have wished for my health issues to go away, or find a cure...:thumbsup::devil:

That's not going to happen....:cry: I can always wish though...

I take one day at a time...But I will have a partner to take this walk of life with me..She accepts me for how I am...:bonk:

She wants to learn how to ride...that is sweet...:smirk: :smirk:

Happy Holidays Everyone......

Congratulations Frank!

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas to everybody and your families!

Ride safe!

YES...She said YES......I just had to share ....I am pretty happy...:lol:

I have had the best Christmas ever in my life...:confused:

I hope every one else out there has had a great Christmas also....

Did everyone get what they wanted.....:confused:

Awesome, I am thrilled for you Frankstr!!!!! :confused: :confused: :crazy:

Yes, I got what I wanted we're all happy and healthy, Thank you Lord!!!

By all means teach her to ride, :eek: but teach her right! On a Honda that is!!!! :lol:

Happy Holidays

Well I didnt get well, my bike is still in peices, and my truck is still in need, But I still had a good Xmas as I am still alive and kicking to be able to to do all of these things myself. And congrats to frankstr I think????? Ihope that all goes your way!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulation Frankkstr:applause: Wish you many years of happiness and a Happy New Years with you're fiance.:lol:


Thank you all, She is one awsome gal...she wants to ride...:lol::confused:

She has rode mountain bikes and is in great shape....

I have a partner for life...third time is a charm...for both of us....

Also we have God on our side....It has been the best Christmas I've ever had..

Thanks again to all and God Bless......:confused:

Alright so when and wheres the hanging, oops, I mean wedding?:lol:

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