lets have a laugh!

do we share the same sense of humour?

landlord and landlady leave a young fillie to run the pub one night and tell her to serve no marsians whatever happens.

off they go and the pub fills up until there's thirty in there. in walks a martian...

"pint please"

"sorry sir i'm under strict orders not to serve marsians"

"well what if i promised to buy everyone in the pub a drink?" says the marsian

well. ok then says the young barmaid.

everyone gets their glasses to the bar and she gives loads of drinks away...

later on she says "the bill comes to £80 ($110)sir!

marsian says "change for a zonk!"


:) LOL! :D

T, Excellent!!! :)

lol. so what is the zonk/euro conversion these days?


Good One! :D

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