06 WR450 Radiator problems

A big off a few weeks back has pushed my left rad back into the tank splitting the elbow joint coolant inlet back and splitting it on the face of the rad. Its a stock yamaha rad and it wont tig weld (made of some bizare alloy me thinks) so i tried to use plastic metal (bronze putty) to fix it but no joy. Its fine when its cold but as i like to ride my bike with the engine running the thermal expansion in the plastic metal stuff opens up gaps and out comes the coolant and the bike goes back in the garage.

ok thats the bollox over with - i am looking for a replacment rad. 2nd had will do or a brand spanker is cool - dont care just want it NOW!

any one know of any rad stockists?? oh, i am in the uk.........i will pay the postage from any where i just dont want to put another stock yamaha rad on

thanks chaps

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