Rekluse spring ?'s ...

I have been using the Rekluse for a few years and love it. I have been fighting a bad bog by changing the jetting - but still have it.

I am running the motor mounted heavy spring on the tight side? Has anybody played around with the two springs? Was there a real difference between the two?

I figured I would have the clutch engage later (heavy spring) to help the bog - but maybe I am thinking about this all wrong. I have never tried the light spring - that that it would enhance the bog.

Any help on this would be great



According to the set-up instructions,the "light spring gives LESS clutch slip,the heavy spring gives MORE." the point where your clutch actually engages is determined by the adjuster,the spring rate just allows more or less slippage until full engagement. i run the light spring,but have tried both. most of my riding is tight trails so i don't like excessive slip & have it adjusted to engage right off idle,to get the front up when needed quickly. are you sure the "bog" is clutch related??

are you sure the "bog" is clutch related??

Nope - but the jetting is driving me crazy!!!


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