Hard Clutch on YZF 426?

I rode my buddies YZ 125 and the clutch is so easy to pull in. On my 426 it is very very hard to pull in. Is there any reason why? Is there anything I can do to make it easier?

Ditto on this, my '01 is tough to pull as well. Arm pump city. Any advice would be appreciated.

Cable replacement? Pretty cheap

you can add my 01 426 to the arm pump list. I've already pulled the cable from both ends, lubed the cable, and greased the lever pivot and cable ends. No change. I'm getting ready to replace the clutch plates (both fiber and metal) to see if that helps. I've got another thread going for recommendations on aftermarket clutch kits.

Pretty much any 125 is going to have lighter clutch pull than a big bore bike. I think there is a clutch mod that has something to do with lengthening the actuator arm so that it is easier to pull. Do a search for 'clutch mod' or something like that.

By the way, I don't even have a clutch lever on my 426 anymore :thumbsup:

My clutch was a bitch too, would kill me in long stints of tight singletrack. Thank you Rekluse for curing my problem!

i don't have a problem:dunno:

i'm sure you tried the simple adjustments near the lever...that's all i needed

I would imagine that the big bikes take more effort due to heavier springs in the clutch assembly. Have you checked the clutch basket for grooving? Have you eliminated a pinched cable as a possible cause? My '02 doesn't feel overly hard to pull, could be cause I'm used to my H-D.

Reason:The 426 makes gobs more torque than your 125 so the clutch springs must be stiffer.

Solution:Hydraulic clutch?:thumbsup:

Reason:The 426 makes gobs more torque than your 125 so the clutch springs must be stiffer.

Solution:Hydraulic clutch?:thumbsup:

How much are those and where can I find one at?


I believe its called the Magura Jack hydraulic clutch. It uses fluid to operate the clutch instead of a cable.

But you think the 426 is bad? You should've tried this 84' CR 250's lever. Wouldn't budge an inch.

Reason:The 426 makes gobs more torque than your 125 so the clutch springs must be stiffer.

Solution:Hydraulic clutch?:thumbsup:

That would fix the problem. I have one on my KTM and love it.:devil:

The Magura's are suppossed to reduce pull 20%, I've heard some great reviews, and other's say thaey don't think the reduction is that much.

Take the actuator arm from a YZ400, I believe it is longer and therefore gives more leverage. However it comes at a cost, more lever travel. As stated above, definitely check cable condition, lube, double check routing and you can even rebore the hole in your lever (nearer the pivot bolt) to gain more leverage. Some after market replacement levers have 3 holes in them to vary the leverage to your liking. The magura is a great unit that is smooth but it didnt seem to make it that much easier to pull in.

Make sure the cable is well lubed, this made big a difference on mine. Also check adjustment specs with the shop manual.

Is there anything else I can do?

Definitely get a Magura Jack Hydraulic Clutch. I just put one on my '02 426 for the very same reason. It made such an incredible difference in the pull, and was easy to install. I love it, and wish that every bike made came with one. I got mine from an online site. I know that both Motosport.com and rmatvmc.com have them for our bikes. Both sites sell them for about $200.00. It sounds pricey, but once you take it for a ride you will know it is money well spent. If you don't like shopping online, you could go to your local shop and they could order you one. Or get one from magura direct. You'll love it!!!!

An accuator arm that is longer will greatly improve clutch-pull, also if ya have the $$$, a hydraulic clutch conversion will make your oil-burner friends jealous!!!:lol:

On my 2000 426 the clutch pull was always tough, when replacing the lever after a crash I was pleasantly suprised at how smooth and easy it was but, shortly there after it was stiff again.

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