Picked up '01 426 and need some advice on susp. and jetting/bogging

Well, I got a great deal (free!) on an '01 426 but it needs some work. For seal's blown, and shock needs refreshed too. I weigh in around 205-210 and I'm 6'3", so I may need to change out some springs. Any suggestions for mx/some trails?

As for the bog off idle...this is pretty common for these bikes, right? Is this a pilot jet issue or something else (note, stock jetting)?

And finally, I figured I'd ask if anyone has a link to removing and greasing the linkage and/or swingarm. This bike has never had them greased since it was bought and I'm sure they're toast.

Any other links to good tips or good buys for this bike would be greatly appreciated. I really love the power this bike puts down, now I just need to get the suspension dialed in and a few other little things, but I don't have quite the time for research that I used to have.

Thanks guys, and I'm excited to be on the blue side for a bit!

You are making me think back now....

My '01 really benefited from the BK acelerator pump mod. I greatly limited the length of the pump spray and timed it to justbarely hit the slide. Do a search on that mod.

I also think I dropped a size on the pilot for the best response. I also think I was one clip leaner than stock on the needle. I went one larger on the main with an aftermarket exhaust I was using.

That bike ran great. No bog and lots of power. I miss it. You can get attached to fat girls like the 426.

Check out the "Common threads" sticky at the top of this forum for answers about these problems. It contains helpful links to posts with how to info.

Thanks Wyatt. I remember reading about the BK mod even though I was on a KTM at the time. I remember seeing your name too. I'm pretty sure it was taken when I signed up with TT a hundred years ago.

I just got the swingarm, linkage, and shock off today (twas a merry christmas). Several of the bearings are completely shot. I'll dial that in and then address the bog.

Thanks again guys. And yeah, the fat girl will get me by for sure!

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