New 450f

i just bought a new 05 450 is there any thing i should know or do right away to it?

yeah, put gas in it and ride.

Yeah, it's a great bike..but get rid of the stock chain if it's original. It will stretch stretch, stretch, than it will eat your sprockets if left on too long.

Replace it with a Regina Chain, or another high quality chain.

If it still has the Dunlop original 739 AF tires on it, and you ride anything other than Hardpack, than get rid of it. The stock tire doesn't work well with anything other than bluegroove conditions. It will washout on Loamy dirt, Mud, sand, etc. I hated that tire (and many other's do), but I hear that it works well on Bluegroove Hardpack.

I'm running a Pirelli Scorpion Pro up front, and a pirelli MT-16 on the rear. They have worked great so far on Dirt, dirt/sand mixture, and pure sand. I haven't hit hardpack with them yet, or Rocky conditions, but they were designed for them so I think it's gonna work really well, if they are already working on conditions not ideal for them.

When you change the oil filter. Remove all three (filter cover) bolts at the same time. If you follow what the Manual tells you, they have you removing the bottom bolt first, and letting the oil pour out of it. Over time, all the bit's of metal, dirt, aluminum and other nasties, pour out of this THREADED bolt hole. They accumulate in the threads, and one day when you go back to change the oil filter, you will snap off the bolt, and make a big pain in the azz for yourself, drilling it and retapping it. I helped a friend with a WR 250f, and it isn't fun.

Other than that, ride a lot, change oil filter and oil regularly, and clean the air filter religiously.

Have fun.

i would swap the rear 739 for a 756...they will give you alot more hook when the conditions are less than favorable...

i would swap the rear 739 for a 756...they will give you alot more hook when the conditions are less than favorable...

They don't have a 739 rear. They come with a 756. But that will be worn out in 3 rides or less.

Good tires for your conditions, chain, and properly fit the bike to you. I like to lower the stock footpegs, get the levers and bars just right and oil the stock air filter a little better than they do at the factory. Check spokes, tire pressure and call it ready to ride.

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