clutch rebuild

It's time to freshen up the clutch in my 426, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on Tusk/Barnett/EBC clutch kits versus stock. Besides the large difference in price, most aftermarket kits use steel plates versus the stock aluminum. Will this cause a wear issue with the stock aluminum clutch basket? TIA.

My recommendation is don't. Use Yamaha GYT-R, OEM, or Hinson plates. You'll get better results. You may want to change the basket if there's enough wear on the fingers. After market parts such as GYT-R and Hinson are hard anodized or akadized to make them resist wear and metal shed, and it works.

i would go with gytr clutch

OK, that's two votes for the GYTR clutch kit. So what's the difference between the OEM clutch kit and the GYTR kit? Price difference too? I will probably be installing a Rekluse Autoclutch later this year, so does that affect the choice between OEM and GYTR at all?

I've used them all. The longest lasting fibers made are Ferodo's. The can handle the heat and the extra clamping force the Rekluse delivers. The second best plates are OEM's.

Are Barnett clutch kits any good??

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