Radiator Repair info???

I'm on a dial up or else I would have searched cause I know I've seen the info hear that I need. I'm looking for the phone number to a reliable, cheap rediator repair shop. If I remember one there's one in the mid west somewhere that everyone raves about. I need to get my radiators straightoned out and one of them got cracked this weekend. Anyone know who can repair them cheaper the buying a new one?



Myler's (800)367-7699 8414 McDowell Ct.,West Jordan,UT 84088.

Khris, The place that I use is Fontana Radiator. These guys do an amazing job. I sent them a taco'd radiator from my 98 WR back in the day and they sent it back in showroom condition. I was very impressed with their work. I lost their digits but im sure you can find it. I think It cost me $90.00 total and got it back in a couple of days.

Ps. I don't think they stock yellow paint. You might want to send them a little in a jar so they can paint it. :):D:D

Hmmmmm, yellow radiators, that's an idea!!! I'll give Myler's a call tomorrow (that's the place I was thinking of, I guess I was a little off on the midwest thing though) I'll also search for a number for Fontana Radiator. It's near by so that may not be too bad. I guess I may be able to find a radiator repair shop locally too. Hmmm, looks like I'll be calling all around Friday morning on my day off. Keep the numbers and places coming guys, I'll shop around for the best deal and post prices for future reference if wanted.


Fontana gets my biz as well!

I talked to the owner of Myler's earlier this week. He will be back from a trip this coming Monday. So don't waste your money on overnight freight.


I just took mine into Brighton Radiator in Brighton CO. Dennis over there is a master at fixing taco'd and bend radiators. He's charging me $35.00 to fix mine :):D !! Don't think he is really close enough for you to drive to him, but I'm sure you could ship it to him for little $. You can look him up at http://racermec.org/BrightonRadiator.htm.


Fontana Radiator

17635 Arrow Blvd

Fontana, Ca 92335

Walt or Jeff

Sorry, don't recall what I did with phone number. These guys are near 10 Fwy at Sierra exit. Not far from you.

Good luck!

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