Need help finding CA legal exhaust for 99' 400

Hey guys, I tried searching for this info, but couldn't find it. I have a pretty much stock 99 400. I was at a state OHV park this weekend, and a ranger told me I don't have a spark arrestor, and my stock exhaust was too loud. So, I guess I need to upgrade to aftermarket.

Any suggestions on what to get? I would like to spend less that 500$ on a full system, so I can get around the oil filter problem. It that much money going to get me a quality set up?

Thanks for the help, and sorry if this is a beatn horse topic.


FMF Q will do it

OK, cool. I will look into that.

And can a mod please move this to the correct forum? Didn't even notice I posted in the wrong forum. Should have been the YZ board. Thanks


my 99 yz400f, has a white bros e series and is way too loud. I put a stock yz426 header and cured the oil filter access problem. Then i took out all but 4 plates out of the "silencer", note i use that term lightly, and still am 94db at idle. It had 8 plates and was 98 db idle. After rididng it my ears would ring for a few days. 4 plates is the min on white bros, but i would stay away from them. too loud. I cant beleive the stock stuff is too loud. Did they check it with a db meter, or just tell you it was too loud ??? I am searching for something different also..

I had a 1999 YZ400F and was running a Big Gun with a quiet core.. The bike ran great and was quiet!!!! Quieter than stock, and it wasn't an FMF...

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