TAG triple tree sets....

has anyone used the TAG Metals upper and lower triple clamps. I am thinking about buying a set and would like any input you have. the other thought is the RG3 triple clamp but they do not make a lower clamp. thanks in advance.



I put a TAG upper clamp on my bike last week but have only had half a ride on it since,(crashed and trashed lhs radiator). I also fitted the TAG bars, but not exactly sure what bend they are. First impressions- bars nicely forward and a bit higher, which was what i was after. Workmanship appears excellent, however the mounting hole for the speedo is in the wrong spot 'cos the clamps are for YZ's apparently. Not sure if they make a WR specific one over your way, but over here the local shop said YZ only. Any other questions let me know

cheers tony

thanks much.


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