Horsepower estimate

I was wondering if I could get an estimate of what the horsepower might be on my 99' Honda XR650L. It's got Dave's carb modification to it and also has a White Brothers E2 exhaust on it, and those are the only two modifications to the engine. What kind of figure would you guess it would bring?

I don't have the numbers right off hand, but I think I recall somewhere in the ballpark of 5 to 10 percent over stock sounds right with intake opened up, rejetted, and a good exhaust. Numbers don't matter much to me, if it is fast enough for you then it must be enough

Depending on elevation, at least 38 maybe 40

my '99 is set up the same way, i always wondered what the actual HP is. whatever it is, I'll take more :thumbsup:

Rear wheel horsepower on a dyno was 38.4 for a bike almost just like this one. Stock just off the show room floor was 29.7 1996 XR650L Later with a 10.25:1 102.4mm piston cam, open header/muffler was 48.7

PROBABLY ABOUT AS MUCH AS YOUR DADS 86 XR600 DID!!! :confused::crazy::lol::confused:

PROBABLY ABOUT AS MUCH AS YOUR DADS 86 XR600 DID!!! :confused::crazy::lol::confused:


[Probably 1/3 less than your dads 86 xr600 because a 650l holds a 1/3 less oil than your dads xr600. Don't take it personally, just kidding./QUOTE]

My dad does not own an 86 xr600, he did own an 84'xl600 that he sold last summer.

I'm just going to leave this forum if you guys keep this up.

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