Best performance exhaust on 2001 WR426?

Happy Holidays fellow THUMPS!

Got some extra spending cash and was wondering if you could help me decide on the best exhaust slip on muffler for my 2001 WR426? Do mostly trail riding and some racing (all three sons with four-wheelers) and looking for more performance. Own plenty of land with no neighbors anywhere close so noise issue not a big deal. Any information you can pass on to me would be appreciated greatly, thanks in advance and Happy New Year!

Thanks Again!

Mark Scheitlin

Troy, Missouri

My bro-in-law has a 2001 WR426 and he runs the White Bros. R4 Series and it flies! Pretty loud and puts out some serious power! I run the White Bros. E-Series and it's pretty good as well but the R4 would be my pick!

Good luck!

I have an 02 Wr426 and i run the FMF Powercore4 I love the damn thing, sounds great and performance wise i can feel a gain in HP. Plus the bike is Dual Sport, and i have no problems with db, it is just under 96db.

i have white bros e2 on my 426 and it works freakin awsome........ when the 96db plug is out.

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